• Who can learn kitesurfing?
    Everybody who wants to! We are really glad to teach kitesurfing to males, females, in all ages, from small kids who learn with training kites to elder people who like watersports. Everybody who loves the water can easily become an accomplished kitesurfer.
  • Do I need to be strong and fit to start kiting?
    No, kitesurfing does not require strength although a good physical condition can of course be an advantage. While it is a great work out it is not exhausting, allowing kitesurfers to ride non stop for hours.
  • How many lessons do I need to learn how to kitesurf?
    As soon as you learn the basic for kite control you will be in the water with us and within two days of training you will be even able to water start. It is easy after that and it is always up to you. Depending on fitness condition, natural talent or previous experience you may need more or less time to increase your progress rapidly. But remember: the most important is to feel confident and independent to kitesurf by yourself, so take your time and have as much fun as you get!
  • Is Kitesurf easier than Windsurf?
    Yes Kitesurf is easier than windsurfing, since it does not involve so much hard work like the windsurf. You do not need so much strength to and the whole equipment in kitesurfing is quite lighter. It takes less time to learn to kitesurf than it does to windsurf.
  • Is kitesurf dangerous?
    Kitesurf can not be dangerous as long as you learn how to do it right by a qualified instructor. It is very important to learn how to control your kite and take your lessons step by step. Take your time into the water and once you feel comfortable and confident you are ready to ride! With the advances in kite technology and qualified instructors learning to kitesurf is a fun, safe and rewarding experience.
  • How often can I go kitesurfing?
    It is actually a sport you can do all year long. You can practice in your spare time, or during your vacation. With the wright wetsuit you can benefit the weather conditions of Santorini and keep kiting even during the winter. Santorinikite operates all year long and you can start your lessons anytime.
  • Is the kitespot in Santorini ideal for beginners?
    Santorinikite is located in Monolithos beach, which is one of the longest beaches of the island, with black sand and a large coast for all kitesurfers. It is an advantageous kitespot for beginners who learn how to kite since it is spacious and not as busy as other spots in Greece. When it gets windy the spot is fascinating for all the wave lovers while there is also a secret smaller spot side by side for the windsurfers and those who prefer riding on flat water.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    We use a different board types since each one offers a different riding benefit such as directional (like surfboards), bidirectionals or wakeboard-style kiteboards, strapless or with straps, and all sizes of kites so that we can benefit all weather conditions. We also have equipment for kids (kids camp lessons) for all those small kiters who dream how to fly!